Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 48


This week’s sketching took a festive turn as I decided to sketch our Christmas tree.
Norman Firs are probably the most popular Real Christmas Tree in the UK. It has gorgeous deep green foliage, with the underside a striking blue, and is very much the traditional ‘Christmas tree’ shape we have come to expect.  Christmas tree day is such a special day in my home, I wanted to capture a little of that in my nature journal.

The weather here has been either heavy rain, or crisp, frozen, sunshiny days, with glorious sunrises & sunsets. The birds have been filling up at the feeders in my garden; Sparrows, Blue tits, Great Tits, Coal tits, Starlings, Blackbirds, and our wee Robin. I have an huge Holly tree in the garden and the Blackbirds are going a grand job of eating all its berries.

What’s happening in the natural world where you live?
Happy exploring!

4 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 48

  1. Hello, Love your nature posts. I have written a Charlotte Mason curriculum that uses your Exploring Nature With Children in the Form I and II weekly plans. You can find out more at www. I was wondering if you offered an affiliate program. Thank you for making a wonderful guide! Blessings, Julie H Ross


    1. Hello there Julie.
      Thank you for your kind feedback & your recommendation of Exploring Nature.
      I’m afraid I do not have an affiliate program at the moment.
      I have just shared your link on the Exploring Nature FB page. Perhaps you would like to write a guest post for my blog? If this is something you would be interested in, please send me an email at:
      Happy exploring!

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