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How do I receive my files?

Our system is automated, so you will receive an email containing your download link as soon as you check out. It will come to you from Payhip, the company that host my books online. This link is not time sensitive, but is limited to five download attempts. Simply download & save to your desktop. Please keep in mind that the files are too large to download directly to a mobile device.

Please follow the instructions here if you wish to download to a mobile device.

What age range is the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum suited to?

Exploring Nature With Children is as family friendly, and multi-age as possible. It gives you the necessary scientific information for each week’s nature theme, then the parent can present those facts as they see fit, to each individual child. A child that is old enough to keep a nature journal will get the most out of it, but I have included suggestions for using the book with much younger children, too. ENWC is written to equip you as a parent, to talk with your child about nature, without having to go through a pile of different books first!

The extension activities included vary; venn diagrams, writing poetry, making models, amongst many others. I have been very careful to use only relevant, authentic activities, with absolutely no busy work. Some will suit younger children, others are for the older child.

What climate is this curriculum suitable for?

Exploring Nature With Children is written to be as accessible as possible to all families, however, it has a definite northern hemisphere, four season slant. Other families will need to adapt the book slightly to fit with either their climate or location. I have thousands of families who happily use ENWC in the Southern Hemisphere, but they do have to adjust to suit what is happening in the natural world around them. Take a look at the preview. Here you can see a complete week’s lessons and the table of contents, which shows the theme for each week. This should help you decide if this curriculum will work for your family.

Can I begin the curriculum at any point in the year?


Is this is a secular or religious programme?

The following weeks contain religious themes:

Christmas plants: Discusses ‘traditional’ Christmas plants (Poinsettia etc) Contains ‘The Holly & The Ivy’ – Traditional, as the week’s poem. One of the activities is to make Christmas tree decorations.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The introduction explains that this is the Christian season that celebrates the birth of Jesus, and The poem for this week is: In the bleak midwinter by Christina Rossetti

Candlemas: The introduction explains that Candlemas marks the presentation of the Holy Child in the Temple, where Simeon held Jesus and called him a ‘Light to the World’, and that in pre-Christian times it was an important festival to celebrate the returning light.

July: Weather discusses the legend of St. Swinthun and one of the activities that week is to track the weather to see if the legend is correct.

Black Garden Ants: Contains Proverbs 6:6-8 as the week’s poem.

The Solstice and equinox weeks discuss the changes that are happening in the natural world.

The science within the book contains no controversial topics.

Some of the poetry contains religious themes.

Exploring Nature With Children is used by secular families, and families of different faith backgrounds. I understand that this is a very important matter to us parents, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

Is there a hard copy available?

At the current time, Exploring Nature With Children is available as a PDF download only.

Many of my UK customers use Pingles Publishing for printing and binding.

US customers recommend the Homeschool Printing Company.

May I use ENWC with my homeschool Co-op or school?

Schools and co-ops are welcome to use Exploring Nature With Children, however, you may not copy any portion of the ebook. Photocopying the pages so that the book can then be shared or resold is a violation of copyright.

It is a violation of copyright to share this ebook electronically.

To receive a discount for additional copies, please contact me directly at: lynn@raisinglittleshoots.com