Our Nature Journals Week 25

This week’s Meadow Journal: Tufted Vetch, Perennial Rye Grass, Welted Thistle, Yorkshire Fog, and a Five-Spot Burnet moth. The clouds cleared not long after my walk, and the day turned blisteringly hot.




Our neighbour’s cat killed and brought in a wee Sparrow fledgling, which Rose sketched. (She had incorrectly identified it as a Robin fledgling)

The following day, the cat caught another fledgling, but we were able to rescue it. After much distress, the mother & father bird were reunited with their wee one & began to feed it as usual. We were so relieved for a happy ending!

The following day we found the most beautiful juvenile Magpie by the side of a very busy road. It couldn’t fly or even walk. We brought it home and kept it as quiet as possible until our local vet was able to see it. Unfortunately it did not make it home with us.
If you would like to see this stunning bird, I have a couple of videos on my Instagram account.

On Wednesday evening, I found the fledgling sitting just inside our back door that leads into the garden! Rose popped it back outside, and mum was happy again, feeding her wee one. We have been able to keep watching them through the window. and our neighbour is keeping the cat locked in for a day or two, to give this wee fellow a chance.

For my Calendar of Firsts this week, I sketched the Blackerries flowering in my garden, a wee duckling at the pond, and recorded the Summer Solstice.

Our Nature Journals Week 24

My Herbal journal this week features Cow Parsnip, Blackberry flowers, Hawthorn, and Common Rush.




Rose has been working on her field guide again this week; she has sketched Timothy Grass, which the meadow is bursting with.


In my Calendar of Firsts this week, I recorded the Red and White Clover, and Common Sorrel.


Happy exploring!

Our Journals Week 23

This week in my Herbal diary, I have sketched a Dog Rose, Buttercup seed heads, White Clover, Common Sorrel, and a Common Spotted Orchid.




Rose is still learning about the animal kingdom. Here is a rare brown Panda that she sketched.

Hot and cold climates

In my Calendar of Firsts, I sketched the beautiful, fragrant Elderflowers, and some teeny strawberries.

Happy exploring!



Our Nature Journals Week 22

We have had some glorious weather this week, and some heavy grey skies. The meadow is bursting with Buttercups!


I painted in my journal the Old English full moon names, and the moon phases.


Rose has been learning about animal classification. Here are her pages this week:







In my Calendar of Firsts this week, I painted the Blackberry flowers, one of our Painted Lady butterflies, and recorded that it is Whitsun.

Happy exploring!



Our Nature Journals ~ Week 21

The meadow is so pretty right now! I painted the Horse Chestnut flowers, which are slowly on their way out, Ribwort Plantain, and Ivy.




Our nature group explored a little of the local history of our nature spot this week, and Rose sketched a scene from life in the middle ages.


For my Calendar of Firsts, I cheated Β little, and I sketched our new kitten. We have been struggling so much with his names, so I recored some of the names we have toyed with! I also recored that it was Ascension Day, and the new moon.


Happy exploring!

Our Nature Journals : Week 19

This week has been gloriously sun-shiny; perfect English weather! Everywhere is bursting with life.

In my meadow journal I painted Dandelion seed heads, Curly dock, Meadow Fescue, Sweet Vernal Grass, Alder, and the Alder Leaf Beetle, which was actually thought to be extinct in the UK until a few years ago.




Our caterpillars arrived this week, so Rose chose to sketch on in her journal. I adore the sweet simplicity, but accuracy of her sketch!

In my Calendar of Firsts, I recored the full Milk Moon, and the flowering Holly tree in the garden.

What is happening in nature where you live?



Our Nature Journals Week 18

In my place journal this week, I sketched Dock, Ribwort Plantain, Sweet Vernal Grass, Lesser Spearwort, Wavy Bittercress, Sycamore flowers, Hawthorn, and a passing Orange Tip butterfly, along with a wee sketch of the meadow.




We worked on our phenology wheels for April:

Rose has been keeping a close eye on the tadpoles in our pond, and sketched one for her nature journal.

In my Calendar of Firsts, I sketched a Dandelion, or ‘Fairy’ Clock, the first Orange Tip butterfly I have seen this year, and I recorded that it was May Day this week.

How are your journals coming along this week?

Happy exploring!