Calendar of Firsts: Week 2


Calendar of Firsts: Week 2

Alder & frozen Bramble leaves
What have you recorded this week?

Calendar of Firsts: Week 50


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 50

Goodness, this year has flown by!
Lichen, Hawthorne, a Great tit, frost and snow.

Calendar of Firsts: Week 49


Christmas trees count as nature study, yes?

We also enjoyed our first snow this week!

My Calendar of Firsts: Week 47


IMG_4654 (1).jpg

There is still lots of beautiful colour around this week, though it is beginning to fade, as so many of the trees have now lost their leaves. I found a huge hall of Oak Galls, which I collected in anticipation of dyeing some wool. I have no idea what I will knit with the wool, yet, but do let me know if you have any ideas. I did think perhaps some colour work mittens.

Happy exploring!

Our Nature Journals This Week


Rosie has done a lot of sketching of animals this week. Here are a couple of examples


This one she copied from the internet


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 45

Gorgeous sunny days here this week, combined with heaps of rain!
I sketched a Blue Tit and a Larch cone.
Armistice Day on Saturday


Happy exploring!

Calendar of Firsts: Week 43

My Calendar of Firsts Week 43:

Storm Brian rocked the UK, Autumn leaves and Sycamore seeds

Herbal Journal

Bracken, Rose Hips, Red Clover, Oak leaves.

My Calendar of Firsts: Week 42


This week we have had the odd lovely autumnal day, interspaced with heavy rain and high winds.

On Monday we were treated to an eerie, yellow-grey sky, with a luminous orange sun. This was caused by the winds from hurricane Ophelia whipping up Saharan dust!

I also added one of my favourite autumn leaves from the garden.

Our Nature Journals Week 41

This week Rose sketched the solstices and equinoxes


In my Calendar of Firsts, this week is all about the falling leaves!


What have you been journaling this week?

My Calendar of Firsts: Week 40


My Calendar of Firsts Week 40

The highlight this week was the Harvest Moon! I also sketched a Lime leaf and a Sycamore seed.