Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

Make planning your home education a simple and straightforward task by using the 2020 ~ 2021 Home Education Planner from Raising Little Shoots. Designed to take you from creating your big picture goals for the year, through to planning out your daily lessons, the planner will hold your hand along the way.

Please note, this is the 2020 ~ 2021 planner. It runs from August 2020 ~ August 2021


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Important to note:

  • The planner contains Christian content
  • This is not a planner that you can edit on your own computer. You will receive a PDF that is designed for you to print out & spend time with, adding your own handwritten notes.

The 2020 ~ 2021 Home Education Planner contains 106 printable planning pages for you to choose from, to enable you to custom build your own planner for the home school year. (The PDF is 116 pages in total.) Written for the Charlotte Mason inspired home educator, the planner will help you to create your own personal road map for the year, and to be faithful in carrying out those plans on a daily basis. Make planning your year a simple and straightforward task, with minimal additional planning time throughout the upcoming year.

If you follow the Exploring Nature With Children curriculum, the whole year of ENWC is plugged into the calendar for you; you will not need to plan out the weeks yourself.

Take a look at the sample pages to see the full table of contents and a selection of pages.