June Phenology Wheels

Back in January, we began to keep phenology wheels to record not only the changes in the natural world, but also the festivals of the liturgical year that we celebrate.

Here are our entries for June. A in previous months, Rose worked on her entry whilst I read from the June chapter of Roald Dhal My Year.

Rosie’s phenology wheel for June:

Robin’s eggs and the Summer Solstice

My phenology wheel for June:

Dog roses, the Summer Solstice, and St. John’s Tide

Our Phenology Wheel posts for the year:






Candlemas : Exploring Nature With Children


This week in Exploring Nature With Children is ‘Candlemas Week’.

Candlemas takes its name from the blessing of candles for use in church throughout the coming year, and marks the presentation of the Holy Child in the Temple, where Simeon held Jesus and called him a ‘Light to the World’. In pre-Christian times February 1st was an important festival to celebrate the returning light.

Here are some helpful links to get you going:

Do let me know how you get on.

Happy exploring!

Our Phenology Wheels


A few years ago, we kept phenology wheels that combined the natural world with the liturgical seasons and festivals. Rose and I have decided to each keep one again for this year.
The larger section for each month is where we will record the natural world, the smaller section is for the festivals; January’s being Epiphany. (We both chose Epiphany to record.)
There really are so many different ways to keep a nature journal!


Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 48


This week’s sketching took a festive turn as I decided to sketch our Christmas tree.
Norman Firs are probably the most popular Real Christmas Tree in the UK. It has gorgeous deep green foliage, with the underside a striking blue, and is very much the traditional ‘Christmas tree’ shape we have come to expect.  Christmas tree day is such a special day in my home, I wanted to capture a little of that in my nature journal.

The weather here has been either heavy rain, or crisp, frozen, sunshiny days, with glorious sunrises & sunsets. The birds have been filling up at the feeders in my garden; Sparrows, Blue tits, Great Tits, Coal tits, Starlings, Blackbirds, and our wee Robin. I have an huge Holly tree in the garden and the Blackbirds are going a grand job of eating all its berries.

What’s happening in the natural world where you live?
Happy exploring!

Happy Michaelmas!


I love this time of year; the sense of abundance in nature combines with the cosiness of home. After a long summer of lazy days, we return to our familiar daily routines. Everything begins to turn inward again as we prepare our hearts and homes for the long winter months ahead.

Where I live, the Michaelmas Daisy is everywhere.

The Michaelmas Daisies, among dede weeds, 
Bloom for St Michael’s valorous deeds.
And seems the last of flowers that stood,
Till the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.

On that lovely note, I wish you a happy and healthy Michaelmas, from my home to yours!