Calendar of Firsts: Week 7


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 7

Great tit, snow, and a single, brave wee Daisy!

Calendar of Firsts: Week 6

IMG_5388.jpgI had a magical few moments with this wee fellow this week.

Nature Journals : Week Three


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 3

Alder: male & female catkins, plus the crocus and snowdrops are beginning to peep through.

Calendar of Firsts: Week 2


Calendar of Firsts: Week 2

Alder & frozen Bramble leaves
What have you recorded this week?

Calendar of Firsts: Week 50


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 50

Goodness, this year has flown by!
Lichen, Hawthorne, a Great tit, frost and snow.

Calendar of Firsts: Week 49


Christmas trees count as nature study, yes?

We also enjoyed our first snow this week!

Announcing The New Phenology Wheel Guide!

I am so terribly excited to share with you my new Phenology Wheel Guide!

So many of you have been asking questions about our phenology wheels this year, that I decided to put together a short guide to help you along with your own wheel.

A phenology wheel is simply a visual representation of what is happening month by month, in the natural world around you.

The Raising Little Shoots Phenology Guide is a 33 page, photograph heavy guide, to help you step by step, set up your own phenology wheel for the year.

Keeping a phenology wheel is a smashing way for you and your family to connect both with nature and each other. A way for all the family to gather together to spend time nature journaling; it doesn’t take up much time at all, and is perfect for families who have children of different ages and stages. Everyone can work together, but at their own level.

At the end of the year you will have a superb record of the natural world in your own locality. If you were to keep a new wheel each year, imagine the wonder of being able to look back over previous years’ wheels, and all the memories that would stir.

The guide is currently priced at $6, and will increase to $8 on December 31st

Buy Ebook


Happy exploring!

Our Phenology Wheels: November

Here are our phenology wheels for November. I can’t quite believe that they are almost complete! This has been such a delightful project.

Rose sketched a fallen leaf, I sketched dried Ragwort that is plentiful in the meadow right now. We both chose to represent Stir up Sunday in the liturgical sections of our wheels.

Stir up Sunday is a much-loved day in our year. It’s the day that we make our Christmas cake and pudding.  It falls on the Sunday before Advent, and its name comes from the the collect for the day which begins “Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people”



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