Our Nature Journals Week 16

This week has been very pleasant, weather-wise. Beautiful, chilly mornings, stretching out into mild spring days.
Rose was inspired by a book she is reading; A Rock is Lively and sketched Lapis Lazuli
I am busy observing the meadow, which is so beautifully bursting into life.
Cuckoo Flower and Cherry blossom
Dandelion, Blackberry leaves, and Ribwort Plantain
In my Calendar of Firsts, I sketched our apple tree, which is in full bloom, promising lots of fruit for pies and crumbles. I also sketched a  Pheasant; I keep spying them on the way to the stables with my daughters.
Happy exploring!






Our Nature Journals Week 15


We have had some lovely walks this week, along with some beautiful, spring weather, though as I type, it is pouring with rain.

My husband took some smashing photographs of one of the swans.


How handsome!

Rose hasn’t done any journaling this week; I did a spread of a tree study I did of the trees in the meadow:


In my Calendar of Firsts I sketched the Bluebells that are beginning to bloom in the garden, a Buttercup from the meadow, the bats that flutter over the garden in the evenings, and this month’s full Egg Moon.

Happy exploring!


Our Nature Journals Week 13


Our week began on Mothering Sunday, with bright blue skies and glorious sunshine, but gradually became wetter as the week wore on. We managed some lovely morning walks still; everything is growing and changing!

We had some excitement in the garden this week; A partial albino Blackbird! Isn’t he a handsome wee fellow!


This week Rosie sketched the Ash tree buds that were bursting into flower for her field guide.


We also worked on our phenology wheels for March.



I sketched a Bumble Bee, Dandelion, and Lesser Celandine.


What is happening in the natural world where you live?

March Phenology Wheels

Back in January, we began to keep phenology wheels to record not only the changes in the natural world, but also the festivals of the liturgical year that we celebrate.

Here are our entries for March, which Rose worked on whilst I read from the March chapter of Roald Dhal My Year, which we are thoroughly enjoying.

Rose decided to record a frog, as we have had both frogs and toads in abundance, along with symbols for Ash Wednesday and Mothering Sunday.


I recorded the Vernal equinox, Pussy Willow, and tadpoles, along with symbols for Ash Wednesday.


Our Phenology Wheel posts for the year:



My Mother’s Day gifts

I am having just the sweetest time today, with the two wee girls who gave me the honour of being called a Mother.
Here is my present from Rose; my big ‘little’ girl.
The pretty pebble she found for me on our walk this morning. The sketch is going in a frame ♥


This is my Mother’s Day gift from my big girl, Elianna.
Her name means ‘God has answered our prayers’, and she is my very special firstborn, that took away the pain of Mother’s Day and replaced it with Joy.
Mother’s Day can be a very difficult day for so many; those who have lost a child or Mother, through death, or even estrangement. Those who deal daily with the pain of infertility.
Please know that if Mother’s day is difficult for you, I am praying for you today.
Please feel free to message me with your private prayer needs ♥


Our Nature Journals Week 12


Spring arrived with torrents of rain, and granite skies, but as the week progressed, the skies lightened to blue, with the kind of puffy grey-bottomed clouds that England is renowned for.

The natural world is bursting right now with spring-time changes; the trees in the lanes are dusted with bright green buds, birds are singing, we hear the sound of insects in the woods. So exciting!

Rose began a page for her Field guide, all about the Oak tree:


In her journal she sketched a wee Common Newt


For my Calendar of Firsts, I painted an Ash twig, and a wee toad that Rose had found.


What is happening in the natural world around you?

Happy exploring!


Our Nature Journals Week 11


It’s been a lovely week here; spring sunshine and gentle breezes, with the odd heavy shower. The natural world is changing so quickly right now, waking up from its deep sleep. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that we have a lot of mud!

Rose decided to sketch her wee Horse Chestnut tree. In late summer 2015, Rose brought home a conker from the woods and planted it in a pot. Somewhat surprisingly, it began to grow the following spring (Horse Chestnuts often take a few years to germinate.) and is still faithfully growing.


There is so much to record, but I plumped for the Lenten Moon, which was last weekend, a sprig of Pussy Willow, and a spunky wee Ladybird that crossed my path.
How are your journals coming along this week?