Calendar of Firsts : Week 20


Goat Willow, Lady’s Smock, and some Daisies crept in there, too.

Current Nature Journaling


The meadow this week: Wild cherry, Turkey Oak, Ribwort Plantain, Meadow Buttercup, & Ash




Rosie’s Phenology Wheel for April

She sketched one of her new pets: A rat named Roy! For the special day section, she sketched a log. We had a special funeral ceremony for a wee dead frog that she found; it was sent away down the water on a log.
Love that girl!


My Phenology Wheel for April

A Dandelion & Daisy, along with Easter Day & St. Georges Day for the liturgical / special day section.


My Calendar of Firsts this week:

Rosemary in flower, Marsh Marigolds, and April showers.

April Nature Journaling


The year’s first Dandelion, Black slugs, and overcast days.
Pussy Willow, Horse Chestnut, Field Horsetail, and the first Bumble bee of the year!
Hawthorn, & Dandelion.

Calendar of Firsts: Week 14


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 14

Pussy Willow, Daisies, and frogspawn.

Calendar of Firsts: Week 7


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 7

Great tit, snow, and a single, brave wee Daisy!

Calendar of Firsts: Week 6

IMG_5388.jpgI had a magical few moments with this wee fellow this week.