Calendar of Firsts


I have had a lot going on at home, and got a little behind with my Calendar of Firsts, but now I’m all caught up!

Blackberries, Bumblebees, and conkers.

Current Nature Journaling


Rosie’s Phenology Wheel.

Currently, there is a wild fire raging on the moors near to our home. Rose has been greatly upset by the impact this is having on our local wildlife, hence her sketch for June.
In the mid-section, she recorded the Summer Solstice.

My own entry for June:

The Summer Solstice, and a Wild Rose. In the mid-section, I recorded Saint John’s Tide.
Midsummer is a lovely time to begin a Phenology Wheel, if you haven’t yet begun your own. I’ve written a guide all about keeping a Phenology Wheels.
Calendar of Firsts: Week 26

A Roe Deer that crossed our path this week, and the Moors’ wild fires, which are sadly burning near our home.

Current Nature Journaling


The meadow this week: Wild cherry, Turkey Oak, Ribwort Plantain, Meadow Buttercup, & Ash




Rosie’s Phenology Wheel for April

She sketched one of her new pets: A rat named Roy! For the special day section, she sketched a log. We had a special funeral ceremony for a wee dead frog that she found; it was sent away down the water on a log.
Love that girl!


My Phenology Wheel for April

A Dandelion & Daisy, along with Easter Day & St. Georges Day for the liturgical / special day section.


My Calendar of Firsts this week:

Rosemary in flower, Marsh Marigolds, and April showers.