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Last year I wrote a guide for Christmas Gift Ideas For Nature Loving Children. This year, I wanted to share ideas for a broader age range of nature lovers. I hope it helps to give you some ideas for nature-inspired gifts.

We are a diverse bunch here at Raising Little Shoots, with readers from around the globe. I have chosen different ideas from both the UK and US to try to make the selections more easily available.

Silverpebble: Beautiful, nature-inspired, fine silver jewellery, made to order. Emma also offers jewellery-making working workshops around the UK. UK

SamOsborneStore: A gorgeous, 2017 wall planner with seasonal illustrations. UK

BijouxMalou: Pretty Orthoceras fossil necklaces on long, bronze chains. UK

An Illustrated Country Year: Nature uncovered month by month: Discover what’s flowering and what else you might come across on an English country walk each month. UK

Press into the forest, Nature’s food chain game: A fun game that helps us to learn about the food relationships between plants and animals in the forest. US

The lost art of reading nature’s signs: A smashing wee book with techniques for forecasting and tracking, and for walking in the country or city, along the coast, and by night. This is the ultimate resource on what the land, sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and clouds can reveal. US

Dorota Jewelry: A stunning nature pendant necklace features a genuine maple leaf, preserved in its natural form by electroplating with Sterling silver. US

Pocket Sketchbook by Stallman & Birn: A high quality sketchbook, ideal for carrying on nature walks. (UK link.) Also available in the US

Woodland Trust Membership UK

Nature Friend Magazine subscription US

TanglewoodHollow: Gorgeous, nature-based education materials created by a fellow home educating mother. Some are downloadable products, all can be shipped worldwide. US

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  1. Thank you so much! All so lovely! I wish there was something similar to An Illustrated Country Year: Nature Uncovered Month by Month in the U.S. It looks absolutely beautiful.

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