Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 30

cal of firsts


My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

So much is going on in the natural world!

  • Still heaps & heaps of rain!
  • Lots of ripe raspberries in the garden, which has lead to the making of lots of Raspberry Lemonade 
  • The main star of the week has been this wee hedgehog. We haven’t seen the hedgehogs in the garden since last autumn. We knew they were there, as they were eating all the food we left out, and there was disturbance in the dry leaves. Yesterday we were treated to a lot of shuffling and woofling by this tiny, and most beautiful wee creature.

You can watch a wee video here on my instagram account.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

4 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 30

  1. Hi Lynn

    Great that you have a hedgehog, we have been saddened lately by the number we have seen killed on the roads. We too have hedgehogs which we feed but haven’t seen any so far this year.

    We had a fab time at the weekend, we went to an event at a local wood organised by butterfly conservation. We were able to talk to the volunteers, walk in the woods, spot some new butterflies, white admiral and white letter hairstreak ( what great names). We also got to see what they had caught in the moth trap the previous night, and we were lucky enough to see them being released . Several landed on the children much to their delight. We no longer think of moths as dull and uninteresting, it is a game now to see which plant the moth would be best camouflaged against.

    There is still time to join in the big butterfly count , it’ s on until Sunday.

    Best wishes

    We did have plenty of berries in the garden but I am not seeing many in the kitchen, my children do always have red on their faces though, I wonder what is happening? 😀

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