Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 29

cal of firstsDSC02814.jpg

My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

So much is going on in the natural world!

  • Still heaps & heaps of rain!
  • Ripe raspberries in the garden
  • The full, golden Hay Moon. At the stables they are struggling to get the hay in due to the rain.
  • The Cherry leaves are turning colours, we are moving towards cooler, shorter days again.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!


2 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts ~ Week 29

  1. The heat continues, with a slight break to the low 80’s the next few days. You can hear the insects singing most of the day, cicadas? Still, many shades of green. Overcast this morning, with small wet puddles showing rain fell sometime during the night hours. Peaches are plentiful and a good price, in the grocery stores.

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