Consider, Too . . .

child naturalist

Consider, too, what an unequalled mental training the child-naturalist is getting for any study or calling under the sun – the powers of attention, of discrimination, of patient pursuit, growing with his growth, what will they not fit him for?

Charlotte Mason, Home Education, Part II Out-Of-Door Life For The Children. V. Living Creatures



By Degrees . . .


“By degrees the children will learn discriminatingly every feature of the landscapes with which they are familiar, and think what a delightful possension for old age and middle life is a series of pictures imaged, feature by feature, in the sunny glow of the child’s mind!”

Charlotte Mason ~ Home Education Part II Out-Of-Door-Life For The Children II Sight Seeing


More of Reverence…


‘Reverence for life, . . . is a lesson of first importance to the child:-

“Let knowledge grow from more to more; But more of reverence in us dwell.”

The child who sees his mother with reverent touch lift an early snowdrop to her lips, learns a higher lesson than the ‘print-books’ can teach.’

Charlotte Mason, Home Education Part II: Out Of Door Life For The Children VI. Field Lore & Naturalists’ Books