Calendar of Firsts 30 ~ 5 June 2016

cal of firsts

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My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

  • A golden-pink quarter moon hung in a lavender-grey sky.
  • A Heron hunting over the local garden ponds.
  • Several Cinnabar moths.
  • My foxgloves are coming along nicely!
  • Two webs full of baby spiders.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

4 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts 30 ~ 5 June 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    Love the heron, and the moth, it is not often you get to use such vivid colours. This week has been all about baby birds, we have a baby grey wagtail just down the road plus our house sparrows had quite a few babies with them this week. Four were lined up on the cherry tree all asking to be fed but by the time I got the camera they had gone! Our baby starlings are now regular visitors.

    We have also found a cockchafer this week, they are huge and I had great fun painting it. We have also been on camp this weekend, the children have learnt to build a bivvy with natural materials, been round the assault course lots of times plus the obligatory camp fire, my son was shouting so loud he lost his voice for two days! What intrigued the children most was the abseiling caterpillars who were dangling from threads if silk to let themselves down from the tree to the ground to pupate.

    Are you still continuing with your colours and lists?

    Best wishes


  2. All sounds wonderful, Jenny. Camp sounds amazing 🙂
    I have been really naughty and not kept up with my colours and lists. I plan to go through & add to my colours. Lists would be more tricky.
    How about you?

    1. Hi Lynn

      Lists are going well, the birds especially, I thought I might have run out but occasionally we get a new one, it really makes you look hard 🙂

      The butterflies are hatching as we speak! Can I Include a painted lady on my list even though they are captive bred? I think I will.

      There are gradually more and more colours on the month wheel it will be great to look back on, the temperatures are changing colour too. This is a great project, I am trying to get my friend to join in, better late than never.

      Best wishes


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