Museum Week 2 ~ Exploring Nature With Children

Last week in Exploring Nature With Children was Museum Week. We had a very special trip planned for Rose: Shark diving!


It was a super-exciting day for her; one that has been anticipated for a while. I went behind the scenes with her whilst she received her training, then once she was underwater, I joined dad and sister in the underwater tunnel to watch her.


I have to confess it was so difficult to film in there that I didn’t get much. I shared a short video on my Instagram account (right hand sidebar) But I couldn’t manage to embed in this post!



Once her dive was over, we did the obligatory gift shop visit.


Then we spent time looking around the aquarium at the various exhibits.


We really must read Pagoo again!





I fell in love with this wee tortoise. He really was tiny! We spent ages watching him; he was right out of My Family and Other Animals, which we are enjoying tremendously.





We worked on journal entries at home, choosing to sketch something we had seen there & referencing photos to help us.

Rosie’s Rainbow Tetra


I chose jellyfish, a Tetra, and a beautiful, unidentified fish.


What are you studying this week?

Happy exploring!

4 thoughts on “Museum Week 2 ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    What an amazing experience! One I am sure Rose will not forget in a hurry.

    Such colourful fish, something very different in the nature journal.

    We haven’t taken a museum visit as we already have quite a lot on this month so we will save it until next month. I am sure you know it is world ocean day tomorrow, I think we will do something along those lines tomorrow for our 30 days wild.

    Saw our first stag beetle tonight in the woods.

    Best wishes


    1. Oh Lynn how terrible for you all. It’s even more difficult when such a young one is struck down.

      As a past owner of a springer (and dog trainer) you might find a horses lunge line useful. It is more of a handful than one of those extending lines but more controllable and safer for all concerned, I would also recommend a head collar, which should be properly fitted, take him along when you buy it. The head collar should be used on a standard lead not the long one 🙂

      Best wishes


  2. Looks like a great day and experience. Thanks for sharing some book links too, they look great for when my kids are a little older and have gone straight onto my wish list.

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