Our Nature Journals ~ Week 21

The meadow is so pretty right now! I painted the Horse Chestnut flowers, which are slowly on their way out, Ribwort Plantain, and Ivy.




Our nature group explored a little of the local history of our nature spot this week, and Rose sketched a scene from life in the middle ages.


For my Calendar of Firsts, I cheated  little, and I sketched our new kitten. We have been struggling so much with his names, so I recored some of the names we have toyed with! I also recored that it was Ascension Day, and the new moon.


Happy exploring!

2 thoughts on “Our Nature Journals ~ Week 21

  1. Love the new kitty!! Are you studying anything right now that is particularly of interest to you all?? We had a tiger kitty for many years named “Leo” after the Leonardo da Vinci study we enjoyed during the time he joined our family. Just a little naming idea, in case there is something in your daily routine that might bring some inspiration. ☺️☺️ New pets are particularly exciting!!!

    1. Thank you Brooke, that is such a smashing idea, and what a clever name for your kitty! We have struggled so much with his name…the only thing that sticks is ‘Tiny’, which will be hilarious when he is a big, fat tom cat!

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