Phenology Wheels In May

Back in January, we began to keep phenology wheels to record not only the changes in the natural world, but also the festivals of the liturgical year that we celebrate.

Here are our entries for May. A in previous months, Rose worked on her entry whilst I read from the May chapter of Roald Dhal My Year.


Rose sketched a wild bunny, and as today is Ascension Day, she sketched clouds to represent the festival.


I sketched the Hawthorn, which to me, is the flower of May! I copied Rosie’s idea of clouds for Ascension Day.


Our Phenology Wheel posts for the year:






4 thoughts on “Phenology Wheels In May

    • Hilary, I am sorry, I do not. It really is pretty simple to sketch out; I used various bowls & plates tho sketch around, then it is simply marking off the months like the times on a clock face. I hope that is helpful.

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