April Phenology Wheels

Back in January, we began to keep phenology wheels to record not only the changes in the natural world, but also the festivals of the liturgical year that we celebrate.

Here are our entries for April, as always,  Rose worked on hers whilst I read from the April chapter of Roald Dhal My Year.

Rose sketched a Horse Chestnut leaf, and the St. Georges cross.


For my wheel: St George’s Day and Easter Day, Dandelions and Daisies!


Our Phenology Wheel posts for the year:




6 thoughts on “April Phenology Wheels

  1. Thanks for sharing these in your blog. I decided to start my own when I first saw yours. It has been a fun spiritual exercise – and really my first venture into nature sketching! I would share a photo with you if I knew how…

      1. Hi, yes I am on facebook. Is the group name “CM Nature Journaling”? I haven’t been able to find it. A small group from Cincinnati pops up, but I don’t think that’s it.

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