Calendar of Firsts 2017

The New Year arrived before I was ready, but we had a beautiful, restful day, with the sliver of a crescent moon visible in the day-time sky, along with bright, beautiful Venus!


The feeders in the garden have been busy; Blue tits, Great tits, Ruben the Robin, Sparrows, Blackbirds, and a friendly pigeon who does his best to feed there.

We have had some wonderful, freezing weather with bright blue skies, whilst today is extremely foggy. Rose is out at the stables, I hope she doesn’t lose her way i the fog when she rides out!


As you can see, I have begun my new Calendar of Firsts. I have yet to washi-tape the page edges though! Have you begun your journal yet?

Wishing you all a smashing, nature-filled year!

Happy exploring


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