Calendar of Firsts 13 ~ 19 June 2016

cal of firsts


My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

  • The Foxgloves are flowering.
  • In the garden we spotted a Speckled Wood butterfly
  • Also a Common Hawker dragonfly
  • Last night’s moon was gorgeous! Almost full.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

One thought on “Calendar of Firsts 13 ~ 19 June 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    Your flower list must be coming on well? The foxglove is a family favourite over here, we saw some lovely specimens this weekend on our trip to a local reserve. My daughter enjoyed seeing Great crested grebe chicks for the first time 🙂 . We were lucky enough to go with someone who really knew their wildflowers so I have learnt a few new ones. We spotted a pretty little black butterfly which turned out to be a chimney sweeper moth! I have got enough to draw for the rest of the month.

    We did Den day for Save the Children on Saturday night which was a huge hit. My son made a bivvy and spent the night in it. My daughter invited a friend and us girls slept in the tent, the girls turned their half into a massive nest with sleeping bags, blankets, cushions and cuddly friends.

    I will look out for the full moon tonight! Hope your family is well.

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