Calendar of Firsts 25 ~1 May 2016

cal of firsts

cal 1 25 april

My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

  • Bats (Pipistrelle?) flying over the garden at dusk.
  • Wonderful weather! We had snow on Tuesday, Thunder on Thursday, and snow again on Friday!
  • We have a wee Robin that visits our garden, and we had the pleasure of several visits this week.
  • The nesting duck in my parent’s garden has disappeared. No sign of the eggs, no sign of any struggle, so we are hoping all is well. I sketched a photograph of a Mallard egg for reference.
  • The tadpoles are thriving, as is Rosie’s Horse Chestnut.

What is happening in the natural world where you live?

Happy exploring!

2 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts 25 ~1 May 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    What’s with the weather! The poem on Candlemas certainly holds true this year. Hopefully all your ducklings got away, most birds move their egg shells away from the nest, I wonder if mallards do the same. The duck we saw with 18 may well have borrowed some as there were lots around, but big broods are not unknown.

    The big news here is that we have a froglet, just one as there has always been one which was further ahead than the rest. Time to go looking for some aphids.

    Best wishes


    1. I have been told we are forecast a heatwave at the weekend!

      Yes, Mallards do move their eggs, which is *hopefully* what has happened.

      A froglet!!! How fantastic Jenny 🙂

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