Caterpillar Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children


This week is Caterpillar Week in Exploring Nature With Children. Our caterpillars duly arrived on Tuesday; we quickly unpacked them and found a shady spot for them to recover.

We spent time observing them, measured their length (through the cup; they are a little small to be handing just yet.) We have been reading about caterpillars in the Handbook Of Nature Study, and in several picture books. Then we looked at this rather horrifying image of a magnified caterpillar!

Caterpillar, again:

Oliver Meckes / Via Flickr: fei_company

We sketched in our nature journals and are very excitedly watching our caterpillars grow before our very eyes!



Happy exploring!

One thought on “Caterpillar Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    Very cute caterpillars. Ours haven’t arrived yet 🙁

    Both children are inspired by the coming spectacle of the butterflies, so much so we are indulging in a whole month looking at invertebrates. It also helps that the beekeeping season is really getting underway now, they love honey ( who doesn’t)?

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