Calendar of Firsts 18 ~24 April 2016

cal of firsts

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My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

  • Lots of tadpoles in the garden. We had friends come over this week to collect some for their own garden 🙂
  • Rosie’s Horse Chestnut is thriving! Last autumn, Rose planted a conker in a pot. It survived the severe storms we had, despite being blown out of it’s pot and is as strong and healthy as can be.
  • Gorse (although this one is cheating, as there is always gorse, but it is one of my favourite flowers and I even wear gorse perfume.)
  • The ‘Milk Moon’ on Friday was just breathtaking. A huge, golden sphere, hanging heavy in the sky, it lit up all the surrounding clouds with its pale light.
  • In other, exciting news, my parents have a duck nesting under the shrubs in their garden! She has feathered her nest, laid eggs, and is sitting very quietly. Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts 18 ~24 April 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    I love your moon, all the colours in the clouds look great. The tadpoles seem to be really growing amazingly quickly, ours seem to grow overnight.

    Saw the first swallows of the year this week, not in our village but next but one. Also saw our first ducklings of the year, loads of them on the river outside the swimming pool, we counted 18 with one duck. Could you give us updates on your ducklings when they arrive please, my daughter is duck mad and she was very excited by your news.

    Going back over the photos from our pond dipping adventure I spotted a bird which I had not made a note of, so I have included a pink footed goose in my bird list.

    Made a visit to a wildlife trust wood on Saturday, where we were looking for bluebells, we found quite a few but the stars of the show were the primroses, just beautiful. Also saw swallows on the way there too.

    I have been bought a new watercolour pencil ( white) and I am experimenting with that, it is much more pleasing than my old one. I have also been given a white pen ( the one you have actually) and I am pleased with that too, very controllable and doesn’t let out a great glob of ink where you don’t want it.

    Best wishes


    1. Glad to hear your tadpoles are doing well!
      18 ducklings! Were they different broods, do you think?
      Our ducklings have disappeared 🙁
      I believe that once the ducklings are able to make the journey, mother duck takes them to the nearest body of water, which is about 1/2 mile from my parent’s house (this is quite normal, I believe). The eggs were completely gone, no sign of a struggle, or any shattered egg pieces. I hope they are doing well.

      Primroses are gorgeous aren’t they *deep sigh 🙂 *

      Glad to hear you are enjoying your new art supplies! I am really enjoying a new colour I added to my watercolour palette. I have used it far more than I expected.


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