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This week is Grasses Week in Exploring Nature With Children. We set out nice and early with a mind to explore our local grasses. However we found heaps of Dandelions! We both adore Dandelions, and wanted to sketch them instead.

Look at this beauty!


We found a smashing website that has amazing, magnified photography of Dandelions. Do take a look.

(Images from taken by Brian Johnston)

We sketched in our journals; Rose included a near-by seed head, as well as a flower and leaf.


I sketched the flower and leaf, then added some notes and poetry. Did you know that Dandelions get their name from the French, ‘dent de lion’ (lion’s tooth?)


The Dandelion’s pallid tube
Astonishes the Grass,
And Winter instantly becomes
An infinite Alas-

The tube uplifts a signal Bud
And then a shouting Flower,-
The Proclamation of the Suns
That sepulture is o’er.

Emily Dickinson

What did you find on your walk this week?

Happy exploring!

6 thoughts on “Grasses Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. This is lovely! It caught my eye because I just added a dandelion page to my own journal the other day! Your watercolor is beautiful.Here’s the poem I included:

    Dandy is the yellow carpet
    Of the lion’s mane
    Sunning himself among his pride
    Across the mountain range

    Sleeping under stars
    Heads tucked under leaves
    Emerging in the morning mist
    Yawns worthy of the lion’s teeth

    Silently roaring, stretching, reaching
    Languidly lolling across their beds
    Reaching for the rays of sun
    To warm their golden heads

    Lying on the once green field
    Happy, noble, true and lazy
    Dandy is the delight you feel
    Among this wild daisy

  2. Hi Lynn

    We’ve got a little behind this week, please forgive the slow response. We have taken our nature walk and we deliberately went through a field which is old pasture, unfortunately it has been heavily grazed this winter and is only just making a recovery so no grasses are yet flowering. Although I am supposed to be able to identify grasses which are not in flower, I fear my uni lecturer would be feeling rather let down. We did find a meadow foxtail on our way home, my daughter (5) was able to make a positive ID from our book, more quickly than me!

    It was rather wild and windy when we went out so the children had great fun copying the soaring rooks using coats as wings 🙂 Our tree still hasn’t woken up yet but we do keep checking on him and making a note.

    They are fabulous close ups of the dandelion, I can see why the bees love them, all that pollen.

    Beautiful poetry, something seemingly so commonplace inspiring such creativity is wonderful.

    Best wishes


    1. Well done to your daughter! It must be in her blood 🙂

      I love that your children played at being rooks. Love their imagination!

      The photos are amazing, aren’t they, quite thrilling.

      I keep meaning to ask, by the way; did you manage to get your crochet jumper finished?


      1. Thanks Lynn

        Yes, the jumper is finished and the bear is very happy with it, I was very pleased with myself as I have never tried crochet cable before, it has always held a terror for me but with a small project it was less daunting.

        Best wishes


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