Calendar of Firsts 21 ~27 March 2016

cal of firstsc1.jpg

My Calendar of Firsts for this week:

  • The first Bumblebee of the year flew past the window!
  • A huge ‘Lenten Moon’ hung heavy and golden in the sky
  • Lots of frogspawn in the pond, plus Rose found 9 toads (but mysteriously, no frogs! Perhaps they have finished spawning already?)
  • The opposite page in my journal this week is a map my big girl Elianna made for Rose; it is a treasure map to find her Easter eggs 🙂

My ‘colours’ for the week, along the top left hand page, where simply the blues and greys of this week’s sky.

2 thoughts on “Calendar of Firsts 21 ~27 March 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    Our tadpoles have hatched! They are busily chomping on algae and growing quickly. I really thought spring had sprung on Friday it was so beautiful, since Saturday it has gone back to winter. On Good Friday I saw my first butterflies, three species, small tortoiseshell, brimstone and a peacock, so I have started my list at last. I am still behind with my sketching, hopefully I will be able to grab some time today while we are quiet.

    Toads great, I haven’t seen one yet, not seen many frogs either come to that. Love your bumble bee, I can almost hear her buzzing. What a lovely idea of Elianas to draw a map for Rose, definitely a treasure to keep.

    Best wishes


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