Calendar Of Firsts 7 ~ 13 March 2016


cal of firsts


My Calendar of Firsts this week:

  • A Magpie collecting twigs for his nest
  • Broken twigs all over the park lawns due to high winds
  • Frozen puddles
  • A squirrel sitting on a small tree stump, eating nuts

My ‘colours’ for the week, along the top left hand page, are the moody greys of the skies, with flashes of yellow and purple from the flowers in the park.

2 thoughts on “Calendar Of Firsts 7 ~ 13 March 2016

  1. Hi Lynn

    Lovely sketches as always, your trees look great. I am still struggling with them, you make it look so effortless.

    Our week was dominated by the heavy rain which fell on Wednesday as it rather spoiled pond dipping which was scheduled for Thursday, but on the other hand it made for a very exciting walk learning all about flooding.

    We have also been having Rook problems, they nest in trees just down the road but they come this time of year and raid the feeders. The children are now very accomplished rook scarers, but we have allowed the feeders to become empty and have given them a good scrub and clean and will refill in a few days and hope the rooks get the message. We wouldn’t mind but they are so destructive and scare the little birds who the feeders are intended for.

    The weather perked up towards the end of the week and I found out what a small flower was I saw last week – dogs mercury, very common apparantly but I haven’t seen it before, perhaps I never looked properly.

    I got a bit behind with my sketches for this week but I have caught up now. The birds are displaying and singing like mad!

    Best wishes


    1. Thank you Jenny!

      However, if you look at my trees, notice & forgot to add shading at the base of the trees, so they look like they are floating! I didn’t notice ’till I posted the photos. I will add more colour tomorrow 🙂

      Pesky Rooks; hopefully they have got the message!

      Glad you are caught up with your sketches. I am always behind!

      Lynn x

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