Calendar Of Firsts 22 ~28 February 2016

cal of firsts


My Calendar of Firsts this week:

  • The glorious, full, bright moon on a crisp, (almost) clear night.
  • The Mallards were hungry this week, and were splashing around in the sunshine.
  • Budding daffodils at my monthly spinning guild meeting.

My ‘colours’ for the week, along the top left hand page, are a lovely bright yellow for the sunshine, along with the splashy blues of the sky.

As it is the end of the month, I thought I would update you on my ‘list’ pages.


My chart is not reflecting the cold temps we have had this last few days. I need to make a regular time of day for temperature reading.


My flower list is picking up!


My bird List.

A lovely reader shared her smashing idea to use the traffic light system to denote ‘birds of concern’ from the RSPB


Colours of the year (The idea for this is from Claire Walker Leslie)


February was rain, rain, and more rain. We had some bright sunny days, so I had to represent those too, with a splash if bright yellow!

How is your calendar coming along?

4 thoughts on “Calendar Of Firsts 22 ~28 February 2016

  1. Hi Lynn
    Lovely page as ever, the calendar of firsts is so much more than a diary a real treasure, thank you for showing the way.

    My colours include the grey of course, but yellow too like you and I seem to have added a fair bit of pink to my entries this month, either the sky or blossom and flowers I have seen.

    Birds have been a big feature again this month, lots of birdsong so things are moving on, I have seen a hedgehog out from hibernation but it was unfortunately dead on the road. We have seen lots of birds of prey this month, but nothing rare. We are finding a lot of pleasure in the ordinary.

    We had a smashing walk with our neighbour at the weekend lots of old stories and we found out where our beck starts which runs through the village, plus two new walks!

    Two months in, still drawing, and journalling, I am rather pleased with myself ( she says smugly) I am hoping to encourage my Beavers to do the odd bit of journalling too we have a very blank notice board, we don’t have room for a nature table unfortunately but can do a picture version.

    Best wishes


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