A Calendar Of Firsts: 18th~24th Jan

cal of firsts

cal 1

My Calendar of Firsts this week:

  • Tufted ducks on the pond
  • Geese and pigeons in the park
  • Playful sparrows
  • A beautiful, full moon.

My ‘colours’ for the week, along the top left hand page, are blue grey, but have quite a lot of sunny yellow in this entry. Hurrah!

I also included a small print out of a photo of Rose when she was a tiny dolly, that featured a Charlotte Mason quote I posted on the FaceBook group this week.

How is your calendar coming along?


2 thoughts on “A Calendar Of Firsts: 18th~24th Jan

  1. Hi Lynn

    I always enjoy reading your posts, another beautiful page thank you. My colours are still grey and blue, although Saturday was almost springlike. Crocus are out in the garden and we spotted a cowslip on Sunday. We had a male bullfinch in the garden, who was eating the buds on the brambles so he is very welcome to come back.;-)

    We are going to do the big garden bird watch at the weekend, so I hope the wind drops as our birds are struggling to fly and are spending a lot of time in the hedge.

    Hope you are able to get out soon and have another view of the lovely tufted ducks.

    Best wishes


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