January Nature Table


I cleared up our advent nature table once Epiphany was over, and the kings had made their arrival (you can see a photo of the December table here.)

We keep our nature treasures in a special box and Rose was keen to add lots of items, so we have a real miss-mash going on!


Flies that she has bought for fishing, crab shells we found on the beach a few years ago, a gnawed cone from a recent walk


She found this glorious chunk of lichen recently, which made a handsome addition to our January table.


And our rainbow fairy. If you read my last Calendar of Firsts post, you will know we had a few last week.

What is on your nature table this month?

Edit: I get asked a lot about the book on our nature table. It is by Elsa Beskow & is called Around The Year. Be aware that there is a mini edition available when buying; ours is the full A4 size.



4 thoughts on “January Nature Table

  1. Hi Lynn

    Lovely table, that is a smashing piece of lichen, great find.
    We have shells on our table too, I no longer think of them as a summer thing 😉

    Best wishes


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