Week 21 ~ Half Term


I realised on Monday that it is half term here for the local school children, so after a 10 second consult with my husband, I declared it ‘half term’ here too 🙂

The girls have still been busy:

Dissecting fish (We used this helpful video) Utterly amazing! Elianna looked at the gonads under the microscope & they were full of eggs!



One of the seeds in Rosie’s bean experiment became mouldy, so she cut it in half, plus a healthy seed to compare…




We made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday


Rosie & I went to the Ash Wednesday service at church & were marked with ashes (please excuse the terrible photo!)


Lots of reading aloud to Rose. Here she is working on her sticker book whilst I have been reading.


We had visitors, both photographed & non-photographed 🙂8

Little Passports arrived from Australia



Much has been growing…






We must start separating some of those plants soon.

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

D’Aulaire’s book of Greek Myths

Just So Stories

The Care & Keeping Of You

The Children Of Odin

The Annotated Anne Of Green Gables


Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Week 21 ~ Half Term

  1. Ah, that looks like a lovely week, Lynn. Love the fishy-kissy picture! No chance of us ever forgetting half term here – dh is a teacher so we are always counting our way to the next break 😉

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