Week 22 ~ A Week With The Annes

On Monday Elianna & I went to a local-ish home ed meet for older children. Rose stayed with her Granny & Grandad, whilst us ‘big girls’ went off for the day.


More model molecule making for Elianna this week, plus she is making her own Periodic Table. 



mum 2



Rose has been busy as always. Her bean experiment is rocking, & all the plants she is growing are shooting up! She definitely has green fingers!




We have been reading The Childhood of Hiawatha from The Song Of Hiawatha & Rose has begun a watercolour of the forest & Hiawatha’s home…hopefully more on that next week. Still going strong with our Greek Myths, we have also been reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales this week.

Elianna is really enjoying Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl. She would happily spend all day reading it if she could! I have begun reading Anne Of Green Gables aloud to her, as I had really wanted to reread this myself, & it wasn’t happening, so I am reading it to her. Love!

Elianna has begun a new art project – a sketchbook into which she is gathering ideas for work on ‘Mythical Creatures’ I am hopeful that this will produce lots of lovely creativity, effort & development.


Plus all the usuals – Maths & English for both girls, Latin for Elianna, Latin & Greek roots for Rose.

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

D’Aulaire’s book of Greek Myths

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

A Little Garden Calendar For Boys & Girls

The Way Science Works

Who is Jane Goodall


The Children Of Odin

The Annotated Anne Of Green Gables

Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl

Gazzilions of the Usborne Beginners read by Rose…

I am finding these ‘teacher guides’ helpful:

A Guide For Using D’allaire’s Greek Myths In The Classroom

Anne Of Green Gables Teacher Guide

Anne Of Green Gables Teacher’s PDF

Happy Weekend!



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