Week 20 ~ Thinking About The Garden

6Rose & I have really been enjoying reading A Little Garden Calendar For Boys & Girls. What    a smashing book! It goes through the months of the year, following the gardening adventures of a little boy & girl.


We went to our local garden centre & Rose chose runner beans, radishes, Sunflowers, corn & salad leaves (very much like the children did.) She has planted them up to grow in the window, again, just like Davy & Prue in the story.


She has also been excited about a ‘spinner’ toy she received this week. It loos like a small gun, & shoots a plastic wheel high into the air. She spent ages outside working out how the angle it is shot affects the distance it will travel….


Elianna has been busy reading The Care & Keeping Of You. This is a smashing book for younger girls learning about their changing bodies. She has read it several times & is currently focusing on the chapter about a healthy diet. She has begun to incorporate a couple of healthy snacks every day because of her reading & has been researching recipes using the various fruits & vegetables discussed. Which can only be a good thing 🙂

Rose & I have finished Charlotte’s Web. She had to read all of the last couple of pages, a again, I was in tears! Our next read aloud is D’Aulaire’s book of Greek Myths.

Science has been messy & fun with this activity. It is right up my girls street, lots of mixing & fizzing!


Elianna joined in, as it worked out nicely as a discussion point for an acid being a chemical that wants to get rid of a proton, & a base being a chemical that wants a proton, which is what she is currently learning about in her science studies.

Rosie’s bean growth experiment is coming along nicely.


She is keeping a record of what is happening & is full of joy each time she sees a change.



The girls have been working hard as always on their basics; English, Latin, & Maths. Elianna is still working on the Future Learn Archaeology Of Portus course. Lots & lots of reading this week.


Elianna made herself a necklace.


She was inspired by Steam Punk & is really pleased with it. Another of her ‘middle of the night’ creations!

Finally, we rounded off the week by making Chocolate Mousse for Valentine’s day. The girls licked the bowl & declared it a success!



Some of the books we have been reading this week:

Charlotte’s Web

D’Aulaire’s book of Greek Myths

Valentine’s Day Is

A Little Garden Calendar For Boys & Girls

The Way Science Works

Who is Jane Goodall

Sinbad The Sailor & Other Stories

The Graveyard Book

The Care & Keeping Of You

A Picture Book Of Anne Frank

The Children Of Odin

The Annotated Anne Of Green Gables

I am finding these ‘teacher guides’ helpful:

A Guide For Using Charlotte’s Web In The Classroom

A Guide For Using D’allaire’s Greek Myths In The Classroom

Anne Of Green Gables Teacher Guide

Happy Weekend!


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