Plant Life-Cycle Week: Exploring Nature With Children

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This week in Exploring Nature With Children is ‘Plant Life-Cycle Week’.

Here are some helpful links to get you going:

Do let me know how you get on.

Happy exploring!

Our Nature Journals Week 14

As always, a mixed bag weather-wise. Rose was padding in the pond at the beginning of the week, (I know, it’s only just turned April, but she’s a pretty hardy child!) and by the end, we were all wrapped up again in our woollens!

Here are my wee nature group: We didn’t do any journaling this week, I just let them play and explore. The weather was so fine, we stayed out much longer than usual. We then retuned home for lunch and journaling, but the girls became interested in a snail they found in the garden, and I decided to leave them to more exploration.


The rest of the week has not been conducive to study. Rose has been poorly with a virus, and sadly her beloved guinea pig, Nibbler passed away. Here they are together in happier times.


Here is my journal for the week. The Dog Violets are beginning to bloom along my garden path, which is always such a joy! I also cheated a little, and sketched the wee blackbird we spotted last week.


What is happening in the natural world where you live?

How Much Does He Care?

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“The question is not, “how much does the youth know?” when he has finished his education, but “how much does he care?” and about how many orders of things does he care? In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?” 

Charlotte Mason

School Education: Developing a Curriculum

Calendar of Firsts Flip Through


It seems ever such a long time ago since I began my Calendar of Firsts back in January. But the year has rolled on, and each week I have added my observations about the natural world around me.

This morning I sketched my last entry: Week 52: Hoarfrost on Holly, and a Moorhen.

I have created a flip-through video so you can see all the nature happenings that I have recorded this year, and I do hope that you will consider keeping your own Calendar of Firsts (whether illustrated or not) in 2017

Wishing you a happy and peaceful new year!