Midsummer & St. John’s Tide

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Sunday is officially Midsummer & St. John’s Tide!

Happy celebrating!

Celebrating The Seasons With Children

CTSWC Midsummer : St. John's Tide

I am delighted to introduce a new product to Raising Little Shoots:

Celebrating The Seasons With Children is a series of handbooks written to guide you, step by step, in creating meaningful and authentic celebrations for your own family.

A simple, open and go format gives you all the information you will need to celebrate the seasons of the year. Both the natural rhythms, and also the seasons that we celebrate as a church.

Beginning with Celebrating The Seasons With Children: 

Midsummer and St. John’s Tide : 24th June

Traditionally, Midsummer is celebrated on June 24th, the feast day of St. John the Baptist. The sun, a burning and shining light, is at its highest point in the sky, during the heady and dreamy days of midsummer. The feast day of Saint John, whom Jesus himself described as a ‘burning and shining lamp,’ reminds us to prepare the innermost pathways of our souls, and to make straight the way for Jesus into our hearts.

Within this guide, you will find:

  • Getting started: notes on using this guide
  • About Midsummer and St. John’s Tide
  • Joyfully Observing Midsummer and St. John’s Tide
  • Book List
  • A poem to enjoy as you celebrate
  • A piece of art to enjoy as you celebrate
  • Midsummer and St. John’s Tide Journal Pages

Sample pages

This resource is written for a wide range of ages.

I hope that these traditions bring you as much joy as they have brought to my own family.

Buy Ebook ~ $6


Current Nature Journaling


The meadow this week: Wild cherry, Turkey Oak, Ribwort Plantain, Meadow Buttercup, & Ash




Rosie’s Phenology Wheel for April

She sketched one of her new pets: A rat named Roy! For the special day section, she sketched a log. We had a special funeral ceremony for a wee dead frog that she found; it was sent away down the water on a log.
Love that girl!


My Phenology Wheel for April

A Dandelion & Daisy, along with Easter Day & St. Georges Day for the liturgical / special day section.


My Calendar of Firsts this week:

Rosemary in flower, Marsh Marigolds, and April showers.

Plant Life-Cycle Week: Exploring Nature With Children

plant life cycle week

It’s Plant Life-Cycle Week in Exploring Nature With Children.

Here are some helpful links to help you along:

Happy exploring!

Pumpkins 2.jpg

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Happy exploring!

Calendar of Firsts Week 8


Our first garden frog of the year!

The Alder cones are not new at all, but I wanted to record them again as we collected them this week and I used them to make up a beautiful batch of dye.