Week 10 ~ Martinmas

We began the week with the girls putting the finishing touches to their poppy collages:

Poppies by Elianna
Poppies by Elianna


The girls also made lanterns for Martinmas.


We made stew & St. Martin’s Horseshoe Cookies.

1 copy 2

Elianna has been working on Prepositional phrases in grammar.

1 copy

We both really enjoy grammar! The lessons are short & sweet & we have a giggle whilst we work. Who says grammar is boring?

2 copy

Elianna has been wearing ‘Victory Rolls’ this week. She adores this hairstyle & I think she looks gorgeous with them. She is still working on her self initiated study of the Norse gods & goddesses family tree, & has chattered non stop about the biography of Marie Curie that she is reading. The Water Babies has provoked some great discussion this week, as have our readings of Poems of the Great War. We have discussed, amongst other things. The Quakers, conscientious objection, commercialism, ‘death of innocence’, the Bible verse ‘To train up a child’, the analogy of ripe fruit and sweet blossom, plus the effects of war.

We have been playing a smashing game called Math Wars. Rose is learning her times tables and it is a good review for Elianna.


I found this Kumon book in the attic whilst having a sort out. It is aimed at younger children, but Rose has been loving making the paper crafts. To be honest, I think she would have found it too frustrating at the younger end of this book’s recommendation.


Elianna is still working with clay at the moment. She has a real passion for all things ‘villain’ at the moment & has been creating little clay pieces to represent various villains.

I have changed science again!!! I love BFSU and I am sticking with it for Elianna, but there was too much differentiation required for the girls to teach them together, so I have opted for something different for Rose (so I am not teaching the same lesson twice!) Rose learns well through stories & doing, so I am hoping that Sassafras Science – Zoology will be a great fit!



In BFSU, Elianna has been learning about the particulate nature of matter. Here you can see she has been experimenting with soil, clay, and air.

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Favourite Grimm’s Tales – The hut in the wood.

The Water Babies

Marie Curie

What is the animal kingdom?

What is a mammal?

War Girls

Poems of the Great War

The Kingfisher history encyclopaedia – a great book I have forgotten to mention before. This forms the ‘spine’ of Elianna’s history lessons.

Encyclopaedia of World History – Rose uses this one.

A Child’s History Of The World

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I have found it difficult to find a single science curriculum that fits well for my son. We’ve tried BFSU in the past but I’ve found it to be too wordy for me, although I agree that, once you get past the long descriptions, the approach is very good. I hope the new zoology curriculum will work nicely for you! 🙂

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