Week 9 Back to routine


We resumed our lessons this week after a week long break. I have added a WW1 slant to our reading, with this week being Remembrance Sunday.

Tuesday was a busy day as we went to our local cinema for the Into Film Festival showing of Maleificent. I loved it! The girls enjoyed it too 🙂 Then in the afternoon they went to a ‘Genetic Jewellery’ session at UCLAN. They made the most amazing necklaces that contain their own DNA!


Wednesday was Bonfire Night, so we read & talked about Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot. We stayed at home in the evening and gathered around our fireplace to enjoy pasta soup, toffee apple pudding & s’mores.


The rest of the week has been our usual lessons..though Elianna has taken a brief detour from Medieval history to study WW1. We took a break from The Water Babies to listen to an audiobook of The War Horse. It was a very engaging story that made me cry, but fear not! There is a happy ending.

Read Alouds Are Always Listened To Whilst Snuggling In PJ's Under The Covers!
Read Alouds Are Always Listened To Whilst Snuggling In PJ’s Under The Covers!

A new book arrived for Elianna this week: The Children of Odin. Still completely obsessed by Norse myths, she has been working on a Family Tree of the gods & goddesses whilst on her break.

Rose has been learning some Greek & Latin roots with English From The Roots Up, which is short but sweet & keeping her attention. We have also been playing math wars which is proving to be a painless way to learn the tables.




Art this week has been creating a Poppy Collage. The girls created different papers with paint, by printing with cling film, bubble wrap, buttons, even wheeling a toy car through wet paint! I will post pictures when this project is complete!



We watched a super video about the instillation of ceramic poppies at The Tower Of London. We also watched another short film that showed the Tower itself. At the end of the film these words were shown, from the poem by Robert Laurence Binyon:

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Rose said they were the saddest words she had ever heard…

Science this week was explorations into whether air has weight & occupies space:


We experimented with balloons, bottles, & water, weighing empty versus full balloons & the age old experiment – pushing an ’empty’ bottle down into water & the bottle stays ’empty’.

Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Favourite Grimm’s Tales

The Water Babies

Marie Curie

The War Horse

Where The Poppies Now Grow

The Little Hen & The Great War

War Girls

Poems of the Great War

Happy Weekend!

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  1. We’ve enjoyed “Where the poppies now grow” too.
    I was interested to hear about the “English from the roots up” having been reading about making learning spelling more interesting by telling the stories of words.

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