Week 11 ~ Poorly Sick

Pig in bed

A slow week this week…Elianna was feeling under the weather on Monday, which by Tuesday had turned into a sore throat & heavy cold. Rose followed along shortly afterwards, but as is typical for our girls, had a lighter version of the same illness as her big sister.

Monday did prove exciting however, as on Monday evening, Rose found a duck outside our house! She worked hard to catch Jemima (as Rose called her) & brought her indoors for a quick ‘check up’.

Rose & Jemima

All seemed well, so Rose & I set off to our local pond, fumbling through the woods in the dark to get there.

Jemima was given a fond farewell & took to the water like the proverbial duck 🙂


We did a little light nature study, observing & painting autumn leaves. Elianna only got one Latin lesson done this week – direct objects, subjects & predicate nominatives. Rose is steadily working through her English From The Roots Up flash cards, which are proving to be most interesting. We read a fair amount this week, watched the film version of War Horse, and lots of Horrible Histories (Including the WW1 special that was on BBC recently).

1 copy

Rose had fun at our local park on Thursday. She adores animals & met up with a local cat, Arthur, whom she had not seen for a while. She also enjoyed ‘ploughing’, having been completely fascinated with the process shown in War Horse.

2 copy

Rose also enjoyed making a ‘house’ for our cat Micheal this week. She took a large cardboard box & painted it in cheerful colours, and made a door & chimney. Unfortunately Michael wasn’t particularly interested…

Do you remember the wool felt that the girls dyed to make bookmarks? Eliana made two this week & Rose is finishing her last one and watching ‘Walking With Dinosaurs‘as I type…





Some of the books we have been reading this week:

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Marie Curie

Albert Einstein & The Theory Of Relativity

The Children Of Odin

What is the animal kingdom?

What is a mammal?

War Girls

A Child’s History Of The World

The Story Of Painting

Happy Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Week 11 ~ Poorly Sick

  1. Sorry to hear about the colds. Hope you’re all getting better now. We’ve never managed to catch up with the pace of ducks so Rose must have been very speedy to be able to bring one indoors! The bookmarks are beautiful!

    1. Thanks!
      Those ducks can move, can’t they…it went under a car & she caught it there. No idea what it was doing on our street…we live quite close to a busy road & are a 15 min walk from the nearest pond.

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