The Wheel Of The Year


I wanted to take a moment to share our calendar with you. I made it several years ago when the girls were very small. I found it really helped them to see so clearly how the weeks, months & seasons worked together.

“How long ’till my birthday mummy?”

“Well, we need a Bumble Bee, a tree & an apple.” (Months)

Or perhaps “Two more buttons!” (Weeks)

We always begin our ‘Year’ in September – a time of fresh starts as we begin our new school year, as the year turns slowly around, moving toward less light & more home-centred living.


In a couple of weeks, the wheel will be cleared and we shall begin afresh, starting with our September mushroom. (Not so) little hands will once again help me to mark the passing of time in a very tangible way, as we add our little wooden & felted pieces.





5 thoughts on “The Wheel Of The Year

  1. Hi Lynn- did you follow a pattern for this, or devise your own? Would like to have a go at making one for my grand-children, my daughter plans to home-ed them.

  2. Hello Lynn 🙂
    I made it up as I went along. I drew a large circle as a template, then split it off into 12. I joined the felt pieces together with a zig zag stitch on my machine backed the whole thing with some leftover linen I had. There is a cardboard circle inside to stiffen it up. The ornaments I made/bought as we went along. I needle felted all the felt things (apart from baby Jesus, who us just natural wool wrapped in blue wool & popped in a walnut shell.) The wooden things I bought from myriadonline. The wooden buttons I got a big lot very cheaply on easy, but would be simple to make with the right tools.

    Good luck with making yours! Please keep me posted!

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