Weekending – 11 August

No weekend walk for us today. I have been busy around the garden, putting by kindling for the months ahead. I also have some lovely logs to saw up, but they are still waiting for me…


It has been the ‘Perfect English Day’ today, weather wise. A lovely light breeze to dry the laundry hanging on the line, billowing clouds that scud across a bright blue sky, warm enough to work in light clothes without over heating. Perfect!

The girls and I collected more raspberries and now our blackberries are ripening too.Image

Our blackberries are destined to become jam for the jam tarts we make at Michaelmas, which is fast approaching.

Today will also be a day for working on a special project, for a special little girl who will soon be turning eight..a child who is still very much at one with the world around her. My wee nature girl…..




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