The View From My Knitting…


The weekend past was a Bank Holiday and as such, hubby and I took every pain to enjoy the rest and slower pace.

The girls stayed with grandparents on Sunday night and on the Monday morning Hubby and I went walking. It was glorious! We sat for a while on a bench so I could add a few rows to something I am working on for Rosie’s birthday.


The girls returned in the afternoon and we spent a happy hour making jam from all the blackberries we have been collecting. We have bottles and bottles of the stuff now! I have an easy, pretty foolproof recipe that I use each year so that we have an abundance, all ready for making those Blackberry jam tarts for Michaelmas!

We also made fresh lemonade. This is so easy & delicious! I have included my recipe below.

As evening approached we all went for a lovely evening walk to the river. I sat and knitted while the girls played with hubby and walked a large tree trunk that spans the river. There was much screaming, laughing & the splashing of dogs!

We headed home to a fire in the garden and enjoyed a delicious dinner of lamb steaks and caramelised onions on crusty bread, ice cold lemonade and vanilla ice cream drizzled with warmed blackberry jam. We chatted for a while then the girls decided it was time for s’mores; which, I have to say are such a treat!


After a long hot day, the sun began to fade and we all began to grow tired; that lovely, physically spent and full-bellied sleepiness that follows a perfect summer day…


3 large lemons

100g sugar

1L of water

Halve the lemons & juice them. Add the rinds to a bowl, along with the sugar & drench with 1L of boiling water. Stir, cover with a clean tea towel & leave to cool. Once cooled, strain the lemons from the water and add the lemon juice. Serve chilled.

Birthday Crafting

We have a Very Important Birthday coming up soon – Rose will be eight years old!

There is a lot of secret crafting going on..



Do you remember the white yarn I recently showed you? Here it is all dyed up with used coffee grounds (along with some other knitting..)


The days are ticking by at a quite disconcerting speed (although I am sure Rose would disagree!) So each spare moment if filled with sewing, stuffing and knitting. Wish me luck!

A Little Spinning


Earlier in the year I did some dyeing with dandelions & cochineal.


On the quest to create the perfect sock yarn; (perfect for me is squishy, warm & hardwearing.) I am working with a blend of Blue Faced Leicester wool – lovely soft & strong, baby Alpaca for warmth & silk for strength.

I dyed the fibre in three batches – pure cochineal for a bright pink, half cochineal & half dandelion for a tender peach colour and mostly dandelion with a touch of cochineal for a pretty pearl shade.


The fibre was carded and was spun long-draw for a lovely cushy single, then three plyed  for what i hope will be a long-lasting sock yarn for toasty toes!


Weekending – 11 August

No weekend walk for us today. I have been busy around the garden, putting by kindling for the months ahead. I also have some lovely logs to saw up, but they are still waiting for me…


It has been the ‘Perfect English Day’ today, weather wise. A lovely light breeze to dry the laundry hanging on the line, billowing clouds that scud across a bright blue sky, warm enough to work in light clothes without over heating. Perfect!

The girls and I collected more raspberries and now our blackberries are ripening too.Image

Our blackberries are destined to become jam for the jam tarts we make at Michaelmas, which is fast approaching.

Today will also be a day for working on a special project, for a special little girl who will soon be turning eight..a child who is still very much at one with the world around her. My wee nature girl…..