Nature Journals : Week Three


My Calendar of Firsts: Week 3

Alder: male & female catkins, plus the crocus and snowdrops are beginning to peep through.

6 thoughts on “Nature Journals : Week Three

  1. Thank you, Victoria.
    I schedule time to work on it in my diary 🙂 I don’t always complete it all at once, I think this one was three sittings. One to draw, one to paint, the third the lettering.
    I hope that is helpful! Do let me know how you get on.

  2. Hello! I came around recently to your blog and I have to admit: I’m in love!! All the content is very interesting and inspiring to me. I’m enchanted with your Calender of Firsts. It is so especially. So magic. Thanks for sharing beauty. Best regards from Portugal.

  3. This is beautiful! A word about accuracy though: I believe that both male and female catkins are shown in the bottom picture. The female catkins are the little ones at the base of the twig (just to the left of the word “alder”), and the male catkins are the big dangly ones at the ends of the twigs. The female catkins do, of course, get pollinated and develop into the seed cones, which are pictured at the top. Does that sound accurate?

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