Calendar of Firsts Week 34


Still heaps of rain, but a little more sunshine, too.

I sketched a tiny wee ladybird on a thistle, and on of the fallen cherry leaves. Autumn is fast approaching!

One thought on “Calendar of Firsts Week 34

  1. Good morning!

    This is a busy time of year so please don’t email back – we’ll just beg a second for you to read the email 🙂

    I had posted a few days ago about starting our nature journals and my eight year old is particularly enamored with this new project.

    Wednesday was our first day and she chose a tree and a leaf to draw. I can’t tell you how pleased and surprised she was when I showed her your post this morning – that you had picked the same one as she had!

    We live outside Stuttgart so we have been on lately to find a good (and lightweight!) reference book for trees 🙂

    Have a lovely fall and thanks again for the encouragement.

    Kindly yours, Heidi and E


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