Our Nature Journals Week 25

This week’s Meadow Journal: Tufted Vetch, Perennial Rye Grass, Welted Thistle, Yorkshire Fog, and a Five-Spot Burnet moth. The clouds cleared not long after my walk, and the day turned blisteringly hot.




Our neighbour’s cat killed and brought in a wee Sparrow fledgling, which Rose sketched. (She had incorrectly identified it as a Robin fledgling)

The following day, the cat caught another fledgling, but we were able to rescue it. After much distress, the mother & father bird were reunited with their wee one & began to feed it as usual. We were so relieved for a happy ending!

The following day we found the most beautiful juvenile Magpie by the side of a very busy road. It couldn’t fly or even walk. We brought it home and kept it as quiet as possible until our local vet was able to see it. Unfortunately it did not make it home with us.
If you would like to see this stunning bird, I have a couple of videos on my Instagram account.

On Wednesday evening, I found the fledgling sitting just inside our back door that leads into the garden! Rose popped it back outside, and mum was happy again, feeding her wee one. We have been able to keep watching them through the window. and our neighbour is keeping the cat locked in for a day or two, to give this wee fellow a chance.

For my Calendar of Firsts this week, I sketched the Blackerries flowering in my garden, a wee duckling at the pond, and recorded the Summer Solstice.

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