Our Nature Journals Week 16

This week has been very pleasant, weather-wise. Beautiful, chilly mornings, stretching out into mild spring days.
Rose was inspired by a book she is reading; A Rock is Lively and sketched Lapis Lazuli
I am busy observing the meadow, which is so beautifully bursting into life.
Cuckoo Flower and Cherry blossom
Dandelion, Blackberry leaves, and Ribwort Plantain
In my Calendar of Firsts, I sketched our apple tree, which is in full bloom, promising lots of fruit for pies and crumbles. I also sketched a  Pheasant; I keep spying them on the way to the stables with my daughters.
Happy exploring!






4 thoughts on “Our Nature Journals Week 16

  1. feel very inspired by your post and lovely journals. I’ve ordered a copy of the book that Rose was reading – thank you for company along the journey elizabeth x

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