Our Nature Journals Week 8

This week has been sunny mornings, followed by rainy afternoons. then a dark, rain-lashed brush with Storm Doris.

Rose found our first garden frog of the year.

img_0833There were tears over this one. She can’t draw frogs she said. She doesn’t know how to get the colours right. It all became very sad. She drew the head on a sheet of printer paper. We worked on local colour, and adding in the darks. I remembered the battery operated eraser I had tucked away and I showed her how to use it to make the highlights.

And everything was all okay again.

I found the first daisy in the park. Spiring is coming!
What is happening in nature in your wee corner of the world?

6 thoughts on “Our Nature Journals Week 8

  1. This is so wonderful! Finally we went for our first ‘walk’ in forever and I was at least thrilled that it was my son, not I , that went and got the nature journals out. I’m afraid they have gathered some dust over the winter 🙁 But alas, they have been rediscovered!

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