Our Nature Journals Week 5

Heaps of rain, sun-shiny days, frosts, high winds, we have had all sorts of weather this week.

We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch on Monday, so Rose chose to sketch some of the birds that came to our feeders in her journal this week.




In the garden, the Snowdrops are in full bloom, and the other bulbs are poking through the ground. I have a potted Hyacinth in the house which I sketched this week. I also sketched what I think was a garden spider I saw making a web in one of our Holly bushes, very early one morning. It was before dawn, and the spider was a tiny wee thing, so I couldn’t make out any markings. I used a photograph to sketch this monster in my Calendar of Firsts!


A wee reminder that if you are using Exploring Nature With Children, then next week is Week one: ‘Earthworms’, though if you are living in certain snowy places on the globe , it may be too cold for this, so swap out for a different week 🙂

Happy exploring!

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