Our Nature Journals Week 3

It has been so chilly here this week. Brrr! (Though my readers from places covered in snow will laugh at my definition of chilly!)

Rose had a couple of caterpillars that she put in an insect case in late autumn, they have both now hatched; here is one of them that she sketched in her nature journal.


Everything here feels rather dreary; mud, mud, and more mud. We have had some glorious colours in the sky, however, which brighten things up no end.

I sketched this week a wee twig from one of our Magnolia trees, and a tiny snowdrop.

The snowdrops are peeping though the ground, and a couple have begun to flower. Candlemas Bells, as they are known always give me such joy. A true sign that spring is on its way.


A wee reminder that if you are using Exploring Nature With Children, then next week is Week three ‘Winter Pond Study’. Are you ready?

Happy exploring!

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