Butterfly Week~Exploring Nature With Children


This week is Butterfly Week in Exploring Nature With Children, and our butterflies arrived right on cue!


Such beautiful creatures, we have really enjoyed raising them.


We still have one with us; it has a damaged wing and cannot fly, so Rose is taking great care of it, making sure it has food and regular walks around the garden.


I am very much looking forward to sketching this one, but the butterflies were ousted from my journal this week by a new addition to our animal family! Unfortunately, one of Rosie’s Ballon Molly’s died last week, so we went to the pet shop to get a new Molly, but Rose spied the most handsome Siamese Fighting Fish. So home with us he came.



He is named Heracles, as our reading that morning had been from D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths, the story of the strongest of all mortals, so it was the perfect name for our extremely handsome fish!

How was your nature study this week? Do you have butterflies yet?

Happy exploring!

4 thoughts on “Butterfly Week~Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    Surrounded by beautiful things this week 🙂 I still find myself catching my breath every time we see a butterfly.

    Ours are chrysalises still, it is so cool at the moment I think it will be a while before they emerge.

    We went looking for butterflies today and we were dismayed to find our field has been sprayed just as the “weeds” are coming into bloom. Last year it was an absolute riot of flowers and butterflies. I had to explain to two very angry littlies why it had happened. :'(

    Rosie’s fish is really stunning.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Lynn

    My two are definitely passionate, we just need to temper that so they can grow into advocates rather than fighters 😉

    No butterflies emerged yet, we have moved them into the habitat, which made them wiggle as we removed the extra silk 🙂

    I will let you know when the emerge, just hope it’s not at a weekend as we are away for the next two.

    Best wishes


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