Wild Flower Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children


This week in Exploring Nature With Children is Wild Flower Week.

We headed off to our special nature spot, and of course went to see all the pigeons and fowl.



The Moor hens had me in stitches this week! They are such funny little birds, with their long, bright lime legs and comical calls.



The daisies and dandelions were mostly closed up, as it was such a very grey day. We spotted some pretty Grape Hyacinths.




Rosie added this week’s poem to her journal.



How was your walk this week?

Happy exploring!


2 thoughts on “Wild Flower Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn,

    We have been on our walk for the week and it was great. We spotted loads of flowers, nature seems to be erupting this week, even the trees are in bloom. Cowslips, early apple blossom, small nettle, ground ivy and the oak trees. We also found lords and ladies in flower which my son has been waiting for since last year, he says it stinks of rubbish, he was delighted! We stopped to sketch too in a lovely sunny spot and everyone has produced something they are pleased with.

    Star finds this week include, ducklings on a local river, two roe deer and a pair of swallows!

    What is your moorhen doing? Looks like it’s going to do some aerobics.I am afraid the discussion on leaf shape was a bit one sided so our journal will not be as detailed as yours.

    Best wishes


    1. Some great finds, Jenny! We are limited this year, as we have chosen the local park as our special nature spot for the year, so not too much ‘wild’ flowers there.

      The Moorhen had me in stitches!

      I know what you mean about the leaf shape thing; this is the first year Rose has been interested in anything like that.

      Glad everyone got happy sketches 🙂

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