Plant Life-Cycle Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

This week is Spring Tree Week in Exploring Nature With Children, but we have jumped ahead a week to the plant life-cycle week.


We went to our special nature spot and fed the pigeons and fowl.


We were overjoyed to see ducklings out for a swim with mummy duck!


Rose found an empty egg, most likely a Mallard egg. Unfortunately it looked like it met a sad end.


Rose found flowering plants hiding behind the Rhododendron  bushes. We also saw lots of Daisies and Dandelions!


Rose was delighted to find so much Lichen growing on this tree. She declared the air to be ‘good and clean’, as lichen thrives in clean air.

We came home and discussed the lifecycle of a plant, then sketched a tiny Daisy we had found on our walk.



A couple of days later we discussed the plant life-cycle and then we copied pictures From Seed To Plant by Gail Gibbons into our nature journals, to illustrate what we had remembered.




How is your nature study coming along this week?

Happy exploring!




2 thoughts on “Plant Life-Cycle Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hi Lynn

    I am loving the boxes in your life cycle, your plants are just bursting with life. Rose has done a lovely entry she has obviously put a lot of thought into what is happening.

    We are having a week off this week as the children are staying with their cousins for a few days. Also our tree seems to be having a lye in, the buds look very tight still. Mind you if I was 300 years old I think I might want a good sleep too 😉

    Last weekend was a nature fest, we saw two new to us, local reserves, both grassland but one was sandy the other limestone we had a great time exploring and comparing. We also had a fab time at wildlife club, the theme was sounds of nature. As well as making shakers with natural materials we went for a walk and noted all the sounds we could hear, the list was quite long. We were lucky enough to have several people with us experienced with bird song 😀 . On our return we divided the list of sounds into natural and man made sounds which prompted some discussion. It has definitely sharpened our listening skills.

    Our tadpoles are growing fast, they all have names, they are all called Sam 🙂

    Best wishes


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