A Calendar Of Firsts: 4th~10th Jan

cal of firsts


My Calendar of Firsts this week:

  • Our first garden Goldfinch
  • Magpies and crows in the park.
  • One of Rosie’s favourite pigeons, Swiff, that has been tied up (we found the remains of a string, tied around his foot.) and coloured by someone 🙁
  • The movement of wind across the grass
  • The New moon

I added a photo of Rose with the pigeons and a printout of a Charlotte Mason quote from my FaceBook page.

My ‘colours’ for the week, along the top left hand page, are splashy grey with a hint of blue! Hurray!

I have created a page especially for keeping track of all the calendar of firsts. You can find it in the tabs at the top of the screen. You can also look in the categories in the right hand side-bar. Hopefully this will make looking for posts much simpler.

How is your calendar coming along?

3 thoughts on “A Calendar Of Firsts: 4th~10th Jan

  1. Hi Lynn

    I am going well so far, I like your page layout, the big picture looks fab. What’s going on with the string on the pigeon? Some people are so unfeeling! I like the new header makes searching easier, thank you.

    We had to wait until the 7th for our first goldfinch, don’t know where they have been, they seem to keep coming and going this season. We also watched a very cheeky woodmouse taking food from the ground feeder on the 5th. I am just about keeping up with my promise to myself to do a sketch a day, it seems to be helping, I am getting more confident with it.

    Best wishes


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