Christmas Plants Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

This week’s theme is Christmas Plants in Exploring Nature With Children


This week has been dark and rainy, but we managed our nature walk. All the birds & fowl were extremely hungry!






We observed & sketched holly from a large tree in our garden; it was studded with bright, jewel-like berries last month, but is pretty bare now.





We are making the most of the darkness & cloudy skies; we have twinkly fairy lights and candles everywhere. In front of our nativity is a gorgeous, ginger & citrus scented candle.


As an aside, I am on the second sock of a pair for myself (a rare treat! they are usually for someone else)

I hand-dyed the yarn and chose a stitch pattern to accentuate the colours, which I thought were rather similar to the illustration in our read-aloud today; A Christmas Carol.


Happy exploring!



2 thoughts on “Christmas Plants Week ~ Exploring Nature With Children

  1. Hello Lynn

    I love the photo of your girls working on their journals, so deep in thought. The room looks lovely and atmospheric a great place to work.

    Loving the socks, spinning is something I will take when I have more time ( probably when the kids leave home;-) ) I am no good at knitting, unfortunately, so I am rather in awe of you with all those needles. I crochet, only one hook and one stitch to worry about 😀 .

    We went out on Thursday as usual but went a different way across a field we haven’t been in since Easter, what a change, for a start we came across some cattle including aa bull who watched our progress with beign interest. We did see quite a few birds and seemed to be followed around by a small flock of long tailed tits. At the end of our walk was a huge pile of leaves! The children had great fun making a leaf fort which turned into an amphitheater for the fairies complete with a stage and an area for seating!

    Not for the first time I thought the decision to homeeducate was a good one!

    We are following along loosely with the advent calendar unfortunately last night was a bit rubbish as far as sunsets go! We were out and about and heard all the birds going to bed and we saw a barn owl.

    Best wishes


    1. So lovely to hear from you Jenny.

      I love knitting, but I cannot crochet to save my life!

      What a lovely story about your children and the leaves! That is terrific, these are the moments we treasure 🙂

      The weather is so dark & cloudy at the moment. Great that you heard all the birds going to bed & a barn owl.


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