Week 35 ~ A Museum Visit


My big girl, working on her maths..

Little girl working on her Latin roots..



This week we took a trip with friends to Bolton Museum. We travelled on the train and visited the aquarium




The Egypt room





6 7 8

From the local room:

Look at this exquisite maths book!



This exhibit pretty much broke my heart. An partly completed layette. Left with the needle in place. Never finished.




Rose bought some papyrus ‘paper’ from the gift shop & made a message with hyroglyph stamps that we have: “I love mummy & dad”


Science club this week was botany. I am using Botany In 8 Lessons



The little girls went to the park, then played with sticker books



The big girls’ plant cell shrinkies




Plus all the regulars; English, maths & Latin. The new resource for Rosie’s Latin & Greek roots we are both really enjoying. She is coping with the extra writing well 😉

Books we are reading this week;


The Enchanted Wood

Gazzilions of the Usborne Beginners. She completely adores these books & we are usually getting a couple of new ones each week.

Animalia: Welcome To The Museum

A Child’s History Of The World


Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief

Horrible Histories Woeful World War Two

The View From The Oak – This is a smashing book, recommended by a wonderful friend. A great living science book.

Happy Weekend!



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