Week 36 ~ Busy, Busy, Busy…

We have had such a busy week here. My big girl moved bedrooms, which involved a lot of building and moving of furniture, organising, moving, and re-homing books. I am utterly exhausted!

Lessons have been minimal this week;  lots of reading and daily Latin, plus the girls following their own interests. For Rose this has meant heaps and heaps of nature study, for Elianna, she has been drawing on her new tablet.


I am astounded at how quickly she has learned to used this thing! And very proud of the art she has created.


Rose has been rescuing bees again



This week was a sad one for Rose as her Siamese Fighting Fish passed away.


Here you can see Groot in all his former glory, swimming alongside tank mate Esme


She already had two Balloon Mollies in her aquarium, so she went to the pet shop and chose two new ones to ‘keep the others company’.

Here you can see Simon (the black fish) who is an old time resident, along with new tank mate, Helius.


And here is Sol


The fish all appear to be happy campers & Rose is over the moon with them.

Little Passports arrived this week. This month’s country was Britain! Here is Rose looking suitably proud after building Big Ben 🙂


Rose has had a mystery this week. Her dad put out some past-their-best apples into the undergrowth in the garden one evening this week. Rose woke up the next morning to find two apples strewn on the lawn; one with a sizeable chink (or chunks?) missing. Out came the pH testing paper & guidebook, and she has begun to come up with her theories. So far she is think it may be either a fox, or a squirrel…

Science club this week was more on photosynthesis. Unfortunately I forgot to take our weekly photo until one of the girls had left…so the two remaining girls used a pineapple as a stand in!


Books we are reading this week;


The Magic Faraway Tree

Gazzilions of the Usborne Beginners. She completely adores these books & we are usually getting a couple of new ones each week.

Frog and Toad books

Animal Tracks And Signs

Plus many others..


Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief

Horrible Histories Woeful World War Two

The View From The Oak – This is a smashing book, recommended by a wonderful friend. A great living science book.

Next week will be our last week before we break for summer…

Happy Weekend!

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